Client Testimonials



PB, 19

I wanted to say thank you. The sessions with you have helped me immeasurably. I am coming to the point now where I can accept myself for who I am, both the strengths and the weaknesses. I have carried on from where we left off in the sense that I have 2 weeks of college left, I have had offers from both Uni's that offer the course I want and I am in a relationship that is more inclined to discuss issues or problems than fight or play tit for tat games. More importantly, the sense of frustration, anger and hatred that I carried with everywhere with me like a millstone, are greatly reduced, still ever present but so are other feelings of hope , love and joy. For this I must thank you.




SD 21

thanks again for the session on Friday. I've felt much better since. Like I said, even know I was probably aware of the things we talked about, having it written on paper etc made it much more interesting and it's very insightful. I went on to spend the rest of the weekend indulging in my rebelliousness.



LR 15,

I want to say thank you for everything, u r amazing, cheers mate it means a lot x

RT, 50

From Worst To Best (My Journey) 14-3-12 (edited)


Then something happened, something changed.

My life-line came, time re-arranged

Panic was replaced by peace

Sharing helped relieve the grief

Kindness made me smile again

At last I finally parked the shame

Gentleness helped me to speak

The darkest secrets not to keep

Knowing someone really cares

Built up trust and helped prepare

To ease the passage, head for home

Find myself and start to grow

Iím not so bad, I can smile again!

Healing, wash away my pain

Expect the sun and begin again

I feel young, I feel free

At long last I can be me!

So with hand on heart and the greatest respect

Quentin St.Clair, you are the best!


AB, 21

thank you for all the help you gave me with the sessions we had together