My training has covered Person Centred, Gestalt and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (I have a certificate in CBT Counselling) then in later times focused more on Transactional Analysis. 

I work using tools from all these approaches and I believe that the relationship between therapist and client forms the foundations in which positive change can take place.

After completing general counselling training at University of West of England in 2007 I decided to specialise in Transactional Analysis and trained at one of the top TA training organisation in the UK, The Berne Institute, in Leicestershire.  

I completed my Counselling Diploma there in 2010 followed by being accredited as a Process Communication Model Coach in August, and in December 2013 I was awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in Transactional Anaylsis Counselling. I am currently working towards accreditation with UKAHPP as part of my commitment to continued professional development