About Me

Q was named Quentin Francis St.Clair-Burton and has spent a long time working out what parts of his name to use. Q is a lot easier to spell. The part of his name that was Quentin St.Clair spent a lot of time struggling in the IT industry trying to live up to someone else’s life and dream. It was financially quite well rewarded and a lot of the time it was wasn’t very lovely even when the people he met and shared his life with were. It did enable him to do a lot of lovely things though.
That part that learnt how to run projects and a business now runs Project Lovely and a small musical projects company called Jumping Joint in Bristol. It also helps him in his ongoing management work for a couple of charities.

The part that was a successful manager now is a coach, counsellor and therapist working in private practice and for two Bristol based charities; Artists Against Bullying Unite which campaigns for those affected by bullying, particularly young people and Help! Counselling which provides low cost counselling and therapy for children and young adults up to the age of 25.

The creative part that was Q(uentin) (sometimes John), Burton spent a lot of time being unfulfilled. It now writes and performs its own work and is one half of art rock project The Real King(s) of Spain, and organises promotions, mostly for singer / songwriters.

As well it provides the musical input to Project Lovely and co-ordinates other musical projects such as “Songs of Katrina”, which focuses on the environmental impact of natural or possibly unnatural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and in particular their affect on ordinary people, especially musicians and the poor (often the same people!).

It spends a lot less time being unfulfilled now. Much of the reason for this is the fantastic and inspirational people he has met through Project Lovely, his counselling and therapy training and the musicians of Bristol.


Brief Biography
Alongside my private practice work I am involved with a project called Artists Against Bullying Unite as a volunteer as well as a continued commitment to Help! Counselling in Bristol as a volunteer counsellor.

Prior to all this I spent many years in the IT industry at all levels from programmer to Company Director and dealing with personal development as a line manager and training as a methodology expert, I decided in 2006 to diversify into Coaching, Counselling and Psychotherapy.  Along the way I have also became a certified Processs Communication Coach and a qualified British Rowing Indoor Rowing Coach. 

I am also an enthusiastic musician and run singer / songwriter nights under the name of SongSmith, as well as being co-owner of Project Lovely with my colleague Mark Stipanovsky.  I composed and recorded the music for our hypnotherapy recordings which are available on I-Tunes and via my website.


My qualifications

I have the following qualifications and training experience and am currently working towards accreditation with UKAHPP part of the UKCP

Post Graduate Diploma in Transactional Analysis Counselling, The Berne Institute, awarded Dec 2013.

Accredited Process Communication Coach August 2010.

Diploma in Counselling, The Berne Institute, Sep 2008 to May 2010.

Certificate In Counselling Skills - University of West of England Sep 2007 to May 2008.

TA 101 Foundation - The Berne Institute Oct 2007 to July 2008 – Passed.

Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Oct 08 to March 2009 The Berne Institute.

An introduction to CBT designed for practitioners and trainees in counselling and psychotherapy who wish to integrate theory and methodology of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy into their existing resources.

National Association for the Children Of Alcoholucs Induction (NACOA Bristol) Sep - Nov 2007

Additional Courses and Workshops:
• TA Approaches to Brief Therapy November 2007
• Care and love in the therapeutic relationship (NACOA) March 2008
• Celebrating the Vitality of Relationships March 2008
• How Do You Know You Are In Attachment March 2008
• Towards a Healthy Relationship In Food March 2008
• Physis and Gnosis – The Essence of Vitality in Relationships March 2008
• We Are What We Wear March 2008
• All Take and No Give March 2008
• Redecision Therapy Workshop April 2008
• Process Group Therapy Training Marathon June 2008
• Healing History with TA and Family Constellations October 2008
• Working With Borderline Personality Disorder December 2008
• Redecision Therapy Workshop April 2009
• Everything You Wanted To Know About Relational TA June 2009
• Process Communication Model Coaching, March and Aprl 2010

Contact Details
Telephone 07539 783614
Email : info@thechangingman.co.uk


Clifton BS8 4HG
Kingsdown BS2 8HU
Redland / Cotham BS6 5RB
Redcliffe BS1 6SW
Lawrence Hill / Redfield / St. Georges BS5 0AX
Knowle / Bedminster / Brislington BS4 1DQ