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Counselling and Psychotherapy,
Mind and Body Coaching

Counselling and Pschotherapy
Available in Bristol and Weston-Super-Mare.  Please call for price details and availability.  I currently have some availability for one to one, couples or family work.  I have very limited availability for affordable therapy places subject to status and location.

Individual, Group and Corporate Coaching

Available in Bristol or any European location.  Please call for price details and availability. 
1:1 Mentoring / Social Support
I have some availabilty for this work in Bristol only.  Please call for available times and prices.



Through our network of counsellors and psychotherapists we are able to offer referrals to female counsellors and psychotherapists if it is preferred and also to other areas across England, Wales and Scotland.







The following workshops are available: prices depend on duration and location.  Please call for details.

Authentic Joy and Positive Psychotherapy (with Mark Stipanovsky).  Available as half day / full day.

Aware Sequence and TA-OK Rating Scale (with Mark Stipanovsky.)  Available as half day / full day.

The ChoicesMap and Character Strengths and Virtues  (with Mark Stipanovsky.)  Available as half day / full day.

Emotional Literacy and Well Being (half day)

Early Learning Decisions and Injunctions (with Mark Stipanovsky) Available as  6 x 2 hour modules or 4 half days or 2 full days.

















Books and CDs

The Secret of the Second Chance:An Introduction to Positive Psychotherapy by Mark Stipanovsky with Quentin St.Clair.  Available as an affordable therapy option from I-Tunes, Amazon and other good download stores at just £1.79.  Limited edition CD £19.99 - please email


Further releases in the Secret of the Second Chance series will be available regularly from May 2012.  Please check back for details.


Songs of Katrina - a collection of songs by Bristol singer / songwriters in support of Tipitina's Foundation.  Available on download from I-Tunes, Amazon and other good download stores at just £8.99, individual tracks from 79p.  In order to maximise the donation we can make to Tipitina's Foundation please order direct on download or CD from or


How to Cure

How to Cure (Revised Edition) by Southy Swede with additional material by Mark Stipanovsky and Quentin St.Clair - Book due for release summer 2013

Hypnotherapy Recordings
Financial Success

Rapid Relaxation
Stop Smoking
Weight Loss
Wonderfully Relaxing Sleep

Contact Details
Telephone 07539 783614
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Highgate, N6 6LS

Hypnosis, psychotherapy and counselling interventions are evidence based and are offered as complementary to orthodox medical advice. They are designed to work with and not instead of conventional medical treatment. Hypnosis will help stimulate your body and mind's own natural healing and problem solving capacities.
Quentin receives regular clinical supervision for work with clients and is committed to continuous professional development. He is a member of the UK Association for Psychology Practitioners and adheres to their ethical code and via the UKAHPP being a member of the Humanistic section of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy to the UKCP code of ethics copies of which are available on the web sites or on request.